lauantai 21. kesäkuuta 2014


Minulla ei ollut varastossa korttiin sopivaa leimakuvaa, onneksi on digileimat! Doodle Pantryn valikoimista löytyi tämä autoharrastajalle sopiva HotrodPickup.
Kortti meni syntymäpäiväsankarille, joka lähtee Pohjois-Ruotsista matkalle kohti Amerikkaa.
Sopiva tekstikin tuli kuvan mukana.
I needed an image for a birthday card for a man who is interested in cars. I found a really nice image from Doodle Pantry.
He is going to travel from Sweden to America.
The fitting text came with image.

Doodle Pantry Digital Challenge 47 - Make it Manly

77 / 2014

Doodle Pantry: HotrodPickup

2 kommenttia:

Carolyn Cochran kirjoitti...

Oh great Idea to team the car up with the map!! Will have to use/share that card layout! Thanks for playing with us on our Manly challenge at Doodle Pantry!
Carolyn, DT

Carolina Girl (Cely) kirjoitti...

Love your card. As a girl, I love those old cards as much as any man...haha A wonderful background for the card too. I hope your friend has a wonderful time here in our beautiful America. Thank you for sharing and joining us for the Jane Doodle Pantry Challenge.