tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011


Tuulinen sää jatkuu. Onneksi se ei haittaa askartelua ;)
It's still windy. Fortunately it doesn't prevent crafting ;)

Sketch Saturday #186

144 / 2011

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enkulin käsityöt kirjoitti...

Kivoja kortteja olet askarrellut. Hellyttävä tämä nalle ja tuo lime Uudenvuoden kortti on raikas ja kaunis.

Jo kirjoitti...

Hello, Thank you for taking part in our Sketch Saturday challenge, with such an adorable & cute card too.

I already chose a winner for the challenge, this was a genuine mistake. I'm sorry about that.

By way of an apology I have decided to give another prize. All entrants from #61 onwards will be entered twice.
ALSO you can receive a FREE download from my other blog Jobo Designs.
Please read the post on Sketch Saturday for details of how to choose one (if you want to)

Jo xx