perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2009

Week 67 Lace and Pearls

Here's my entry to Penny Black Challenge.
This is a more traditional christmas card as the earlier ones ;)
I wanted this to be simple and uncluttered...
But now I was wondering: is it too simple? Perhaps something more to the upper left corner...?
This lace wasn't at all like I originally envisioned it, so I'll probably have to make some myself, so next time I have better lace! I hope there is going to be another challenge with lace...

Tämä on vähän perinteisempi joulukortti ainakin väritykseltään.
Pitsivarastoni kaipaa ehdottomasti täydennystä, täytyy toivoa, että televisiosta tulee viikonloppuna jotain virkkaukseen sopivaa ohjelmaa ;)

2 kommenttia:

Pauline C kirjoitti...

Very cute and sweet card - love that adorable image. Thanks for joining in the PBSC this week
Pauline x
PS had to search for you as your link hadn't worked properly (oops!), so if the others don't find this post we're not ignoring you hun! :-)

Kath kirjoitti...

beautiful card the cute image and thanks for joining in the fun this week at PBSC....hugs kath xxxxx